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We are BrainCube

Consulting & Software Services

BrainCube is a provider of consulting services and integrated software solutions. It was founded in 2006 by a team of highly specialized and experienced people from the Banking sector. Collectively the team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in IT, which is essential in order to provide innovative and total solutions that increase the commercial value of any kind of business information. Responding to today’s ever-changing challenges, BrainCube’s technology know-how enables the design of reliable systems that fully meet the requirements of any modern organization and ensures the long-term performance of investments in an environment marked by constant change. Investing in new technologies, BrainCube’s solutions meet the growing needs of its customers.

Consulting & Software Services

Our experienced consultants use proven methodologies to deliver strategic business and technology related solutions.

Custom Software Application Development

Our development approach focuses on early prototyping techniques to assure that the requirements delivered by the solution are exactly what are needed.

Proven Experience

Throughout the years the portfolio of our work within the Banking sector, includes a large number of mission-critical solutions.


Ours is a world where only the most reliable, stress-free and well-synchronized computing and communication system is up-linked to your core business activity.