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Chris & Cecilia Eden
National Directors

Bridges for Peace South Africa


Bridges for Peace in Africa is served by an office in Cape Town, South Africa, that is both the regional office for the continent and the national office for South Africa. From here the needs of the continent are served in a variety of ways.

Meeting your needs

Keeping you informed

Bridges for Peace has a number of informative publications prepared to help you remain aware of the unfolding events in Israel and to better understand the Scriptures.

  • The Dispatch from Jerusalem. A bi-monthly publication of fact-filled, faith-building information, keeping you abreast of positive and prophetic news from Israel.
  • Israel Teaching Letter. A monthly letter that helps you to better understand scripture by explaining the Hebraic background of the Bible and our Christian faith.
  • Monthly Newsletter. Produced by the South African office, this publication will keep you informed on local developments and activities.
  • Weekly E-Mail News update and Prayer Guideline. Prepared in Jerusalem this update includes a summary of the most important news from Israel and provides guidelines for focussed prayer.

To receive these publications complete the enclosed coupon or contact the BFP office. A subscription fee of R150 / $21 per annum is payable to receive the above monthly and bi-monthly publications.

Helping you to become a part of prophecy

The return of the Jewish nation to their ancient homeland in this day is a most exciting event. How amazing that we can participate in this event, written about in great detail by the prophet Ezekiel and others thousands of years ago. The Operation Ezra projects present a variety of ways in which you can become a participant. You may want to open the door for a poor Jewish person to return from the CSIR or maybe you would like to help a new immigrant overcome all the challenges of their first year as you adopt them financially. These are but two of the projects described in detail in the web site

The SA office is your channel for blessing Israel. Choose the Ezra project that you would like to support, complete the coupon and send the coupon and your donation to the Bridges for Peace office.

Being hands of blessing : Become a volunteer.

Maybe you would like to give of your time and skills to become hands of blessing in Israel by volunteering with Bridges for Peace in Israel. Most volunteers fulfill this valuable role by working either in the Bridges for Peace Distribution Centre, packing and distributing food, or in the Home Repair project. Volunteers can also become involved with administrative tasks. A volunteer can enlist for days, weeks or months depending on their circumstances and the needs of Bridges for Peace. Volunteers are responsible for meeting their costs of transport to and from Israel and for their living expenses in Israel. Inquiries should be directed to the BFP SA office.

Speakers and seminars

Bridges for Peace has speakers who will travel to your region to do teaching on the relevance of Israel or to explain how Christians can participate meaningfully regarding Israel. Contact the National office or a representative near you to discuss this. The seminar "What are the Realities, the Rewards and the Responsibilities of being grafted in?" uses the image of the olive tree in Romans 11 to explain how the Church is related to Israel and why this is relevant to Christians.


Select the project item(s) that you would like to contribute to.

Record these choices and your name and address on a BFP return page or in a letter.

Make out a cheque payable to "Bridges for Peace"or
Deposit the amount into the Bridges for Peace bank account
Branch : ABSA Bank :Tygervalley : 630-510
Account no : 404 592 7770

Post to Bridges for Peace at PO Box 1848, Durbanville, 7551, or
Fax to the BFP office at 021 - 975 1941, or
E-Mail the above details to info@bridgesforpeace.co.za

Important : Every donation will be receipted

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