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Welcome to 2014 with Bridges For Peace, Canada!  Our theme - Keep Building, Keep Advancing, Keep Growing - inspires us to do just that.  Our growth goals include prayer, people, programs (in Israel and Canada), and the finances to fulfill those goals, consistent with the Biblical mandate to tangibly bless Israel and the Jewish people.  We welcome dialogue and participation.  May your 2014 be blessed more than you hoped for!         CONTACT:   Canadian office:Toll-free 1-855-489-3697 (Winnipeg 204-489-3697)   Email: info@bfpcan.org   PO Box 21001RPO CharleswoodWinnipeg, MBR3R 3R2   Young Adults:Scroll down to the bottom of web page for Information PRAYER Current PrayerCalendar forBridges ForPeace Canada      Biblical Hebraic Roots Education See Education See Institute of Israel Studies Follow us on facebook Prayer for Israel We are seeking to increase the number of Chai groups (prayer for Israel).  If you are interested in praying with us, please contact the National Office:Toll-Free: 1-855-489-3697Winnipeg: 204-489-3697Email: info@bfpcan.org Volunteer Ministry in IsraelIs it your season in life to give weeks, months or years of ministry service in Israel?  For some the answer will be, "YES!". - See Volunteer Ministry Discovery GroupsWant to do more than just tour Israel?  Combine a tour with volunteer ministry.  Contact the office at 1-855-489-3697 or email info@bfpcan.org What’s the deal with Israel? Why are so many Christians starting to get interested in the nation of Israel?  Is this the Israel of the Bible, the Israel of God, or merely the result of human politics with an unfortunate name?  Do we as Christians have a connection with the nation and people of Israel by virtue of our fait in the God of the Bible, the God of Israel?  If you have ever asked such questions, then we have at least given food for further thought.  Our intention is to offer a resource to the honest enquirer.

Eric Malloy
National Director

Bridges For Peace Canada


Welcome to Bridges For Peace -- in Canada since 1987; in Israel since 1976. Please look through our site and give us a call or e-mail.  We would love to connect with you concerning any of the items found on our site and to answer any questions you may have. It may be your season for greater involvement in God's prophetic activity in the people and land of Israel! Please make it a matter of diligent prayer – then act on it. For some, today is the time!


Mission and Vision
Bridges For Peace is a Jerusalem-based, Bible-believing Christian organization supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews worldwide through education and practical deeds expressing God’s love and mercy.  It is our desire to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel.

Founded in 1976, Bridges For Peace seeks to be a ministry of hope and reconciliation.  Through programs both in Israel and worldwide, we are giving Christians the opportunity to actively express their biblical responsibility before God to be faithful to Israel and the Jewish community.

For too long Christians have been silent.  For too long the Jewish community has had to fight its battles alone.  It is time Christian individuals and congregations speak up for the people who gave us the Bible.

Bridges For Peace ministry in your area, church or home group
We are available to discuss coming to your region.  Please contact one of our Representatives in your area or call our National Office.

Opportunities include:

  • Sunday and mid-week services and meetings
  • Night to Honour Israel / Israel Awareness evening
  • Awareness and fund-raising banquets
  • Ministerial groups, Churches, Bible College Leaders, and Business Leaders / Owners

Bible message options include:

  • Zechariah still speaks today
  • God's heart for Israel today
  • Old Testament in the New:  implications for today's interpreters
  • The Prophets, their audience and their message
  • Foundation of Apostles and Prophets
  • God's priorities (His Church, His Israel, the proclamation of His Gospel and discipling of all nations)
  • Modern Israel, Biblical Truth, Today's Church

These can apply to both Sunday "sermon" and mid-week message/teaching, and may include elements of prophetic activity/fulfillment, Biblical Hebraic roots, continuity of God's revelation, role of Church with modern Israel, importance of Biblical truth and authority/sound interpretation, and/or the Middle East today.


Israel Study Tours

Imagine – your personal “story” connecting directly with the story of the people and land of the Bible – Israel!  Each October and February we lead study tours of Israel – some specifically for clergy.  Visits from the northern Galilee to the southern Negev bring the Bible to life…and then there’s Jerusalem.

Register soon!
(Click here to download a printable pdf of the registration form and itinerary)

Zealous8:2 is the young adult ministry of Bridges for Peace. Bridges for Peace is a Jerusalem-based, Bible-believing Christian organization supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews worldwide through education and practical deeds expressing God's love and mercy.

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Financial Support We welcome connection with those who are drawn to partner financially to be a tangible blessing to those in need in Israel.  Twenty-five percent (25%) live below the poverty line.  Many of those, often new immigrants, are in extreme need. Choose from one of our Bless Israel options and/or support the Canadian National office. Contact the office for details toll free at 1-855-489-3697, or by email at  info@bfpcan.org. Donations may also be made by: ◊ Credit Card by phoning our Toll-Free number: 1-855-489-3697 (or 204-469-3697 in Winnipeg);  ◊  Automatic Bank Withdrawals.  Send a voided cheque by mail or fax to 204-786-2051 and clearly identify the amount, designation (i.e. Adoption Program, Home Repair, Greatest Need, etc.) and your preference for withdrawal on the 1st or 15th of each month;   ◊  Cheque or Money Order in Canadian funds mailed to: Bridges For PeacePO Box 21001RPO CharleswoodWinnipeg, MBR3R 3R2 Sign up to receive relevant information for FREE: ♦  Bi-monthly Disptach From Jerusalem♦  Monthly Israel Teaching Letter♦  Weekly Israel Prayer Update or contact the Canadian National Office at info@bfpcan.org or by phone toll-free at 1-855-489-3697 (204-489-3697 in Winnipeg)   Looking for some GREAT resources?  Check out our